Neeraj Krishna

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NeeRaj Krishna

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

Neeraj Krishna

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Product Identification

Pricing Management

Quality Checking

End to End Logistics


Container Homes

Porta Cabins

Farm Houses


Real Estate


Product Marketing and Sales

My Assignments

Embark on global assignments in Overseas Product Sourcing, Prefabricated Structures, and Consultancy Services, navigating diverse markets for strategic success. Explore ventures that delve into innovation and growth, unveiling our commitment to excellence. Witness the unveiling of our Strategic Endeavors, showcasing assignments that span Overseas Product Sourcing, Prefabricated Structures, and Consultancy Services, embodying our dedication to diverse business domains.

Overseas Product Sourcing

Streamline your global supply chain with our expert overseas product sourcing services, ensuring cost-effective procurement and reliable international partnerships for your business success.

Prefabricated Structures

Explore efficient and durable prefabricated structures tailored to your needs, combining quality craftsmanship with cost-effective solutions for seamless construction projects.

Consultancy Services

Elevate your business performance with our practical and data-driven consultancy services, providing tailored solutions for effective management and sustainable growth.

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